Library Links: Back for Summertime!

School’s out, and summer’s here! — at least in the AU Library.


While mid-May marks the end of classes and beginning of vacation for most folks on my campus, here in CommLibrarian Land (e.g. my office) it means the kick-off of a new season of research, projects, and — time willing — regular blog posts.

Thank you all for your patience as I took a posting hiatus for the last few months of the semester. I’m glad to be back, and ready to get down to business, library-style.

So without further ado: let’s dive right in to some interesting links.

  • Al Qaeda spokesman judges U.S. news networks in released Bin Laden letter (Hollywood Reporter). CNN’s Arabic version fared well. Fox News, not so much. Interesting.
  • Liveblogging the Facebook IPO (Huffington Post, NYT, & more). How high or low will Facebook go? Find out today, in real time.
  • Mike Birbiglia imagines the “secret life” of NPR’s Terry Gross (AllThingsD). A must for Fresh Air fans, from the recent “This American Life” live show broadcast.
  • AU names Jeffrey Rutebeck as the new School of Communication dean (American University). I think I speak for us all when I say both “thank you, Dean Kirkman” and “welcome, Dean Rutenbeck!” Exciting times for the SOC.
  • CBS covers surprise wedding proposal at AU’s 2012 graduation (CBS). Just goes to show that graduations are about more than picking up a diploma. Any of you witness this in person?

One that note: big congratulations to all the recently graduated SOC’ers! I wish each of you good luck and happiness in your postgraduate adventures.

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