Database of the Month: Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts

February already — the favorite month of groundhogs, valentines, and leap year babies. (Yes, we get 29 days this time around.) Accordingly, for this month’s database, I’ve decided to highlight something a little more “personal” — by which, of course, I mean related to personal computing.

Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts

Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts (IPCA) is a subject-specific EBSCO database, which provides “abstracts and indexing for literature related to personal computing products and developments in business, the Internet, the home, and all other applied areas.” Practically speaking, it covers articles from over 400 important trade publications, mainstream computer magazines, and professional journals, including PC World and MacWorld.

In sum, it’s a powerful database for COMM folks interested in tech-focused communication topics, like social media, Internet companies, cyber crime, and good old-fashioned product review research.

Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts Image Search

One of the nice things about IPCA, like all EBSCO databases, is that you can search it not only for articles and written documents, but also for images, such as photographs, charts, diagrams, illustrations, maps, and so on (see the “Images” option in the dark blue database header). This makes finding desirable infographics on general tech use and the tech industry relatively easy — certainly much easier than on the Internet at large.

IPCA is a database with potential to appeal to students from any SOC division — but is especially recommended to students who are interested in popular technology articles, software or hardware reviews, or alternative databases to Telecommunications Journals and eMarketer.

Check out the resource for yourself by visiting the Library’s “Databases A-Z” page, or by clicking here and logging in.

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