Database of the Month: Audit Bureau of Circulations eStatements

Admittedly, it’s bit late for a “database of the month post” for November — but believe me when I say that this is a resource worth waiting for.

Audit Bureau of Circulations eStatements is a new library resource– one which helps answer that ever-popular communication question: “what is [periodical x’s] circulation?”

Published directly through ABC, a non-profit best known in the industry its highly credible circulation information, the eStatements database includes audit reports and publishers’ statements for newspapers and periodicals from the last 3 years, as well as limited historical circulation data from 1995 onwards.

The database covers newspapers, magazines, and other popular periodicals, and can be browsed by title, parent company, market area, classification, circulation size, or member size. All eStatements in the database may be downloaded as individual PDFs or “batched” (i.e. downloaded collectively into a single PDF).

Within the SOC, this database has potential applications for all divisions and majors, although particularly for faculty and students primarily working in either journalism or public communication.

Check out the resource for yourself by visiting the Library’s “Databases A-Z” page, or by clicking here and logging in.


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