Database of the Month: Gallup Brain

In the world of polls and public data, few institutions have better name recognition than Gallup.

This is primarily due to the historical relevance of the Gallup Poll, which has chronicled public reaction to key events and issues in the U.S. since the 1930s. At the same time, credit is also due to the Gallup Organization’s more recent efforts to extend its coverage globally, and to synthesize its poll findings in the form of targeted online reports.

This month’s featured database, Gallup Brain, takes full advantage of Gallup’s decades of polling experience by providing searchable access to thousands of Gallup Polls. This collection, which spans from 1935 the present, contains over 125,000 poll questions and collectively represent responses from over 3.5 million people.

By taking advantage the database’s various browse and search features, users of Gallup Brain can quickly locate questions, responses, specific surveys, and associated articles such as those reflected in the “Topics & Trends” menu.

Notably, within the actual “Gallup Brain” menu, users are given a choice between browsing the latest Gallup questionnaires and locating surveys by decade. Selecting the latter option will lead you to a “decade breakout” page, with links to relevant surveys and information about each survey’s sponsorship and basic methodology.

As a resource, Gallup Brain is highly recommended for SOC students studying journalism and public communication, and may be of value to film and media arts students who are interested in history and certain types of documentary.

Check out the resource for yourself by visiting the Library’s “Databases A-Z” page, or by clicking here and logging in.


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