Undergraduate Research Workshop: Effective Uses of PowerPoint & Multimedia

Tomorrow is the Undergraduate Research Workshop, an event that will highlight the work of eight AU students who recently received summer research support, and which will include a few brief presentations by faculty on “how to best present your research.”

Bad PowerPoint slides, such as this one, have even been the topic of NYT articles.

I’ve been asked to give one of these latter talks — specifically one on the effective use of PowerPoint and multimedia presentations. It’s one of those topics that toes the line between the essential and the mundane. On one hand, no one really gets excited by the thought of a 10-minute presentation on PowerPoint best practices. On the other hand, who hasn’t been forced to sit through a presentation that seems to violate every principle of good PowerPoint design?

We’ll see how it goes — but for now I’m optimistic. It’s for a great event in any case, and it should be fun to hear from the student researchers and additional faculty speakers.

Did I mention I’ll be doing a PowerPoint for my portion? Oh dear.


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