SOC Graduate Student Orientation: Welcome!

Today is the SOC’s new graduate student orientation — and I am, as luck would have it, 2600 miles and several time zones away, attending a friend’s wedding in my Southern California hometown.

This isn’t to say I’m not planning to participate. On the contrary — I’m almost participating more this way, what with the amount of planning that my portion of the program has necessitated, both from me and the SOC (thanks, Zack and Jean!).

No, I’ll be there — presenting to a roomful of people via Skype.

Watch a 5-minute version of the orientation here

I like to think of it as a fun experiment in online learning and virtual library services. After all, this is the year I’d really like to play with new ways of working with and reaching out to SOC graduate students.

Furthermore, Skype is also an excellent free tool for web-conferencing and online collaboration. Even more so since it added the “share screen” feature to its chats — which I hope to demonstrate in my presentation.

But no matter what happens, one thing is certainly clear: it’s the end of summer, folks.

So, welcome to AU, new SOC graduate students. It’s going to be a great Fall.

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Robin’s “Recommended E-Resources Reading” for New SOC grad students

  • Communication-specific databases (Communication & Mass Media Complete, Communication Abstracts, & Oxford Bibliography Online: Communication Module)
  • Newspaper databases (Factiva, Lexis Nexis Academic, etc.)
  • Streaming video databases (Films on Demand, Filmakers Library Online, American History in Video, Ethnographic Video Online, etc.)
  • — authentication required

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