Tuesday’s Workshop: Free Online Tools to Enhance Student Learning & Collaboration

This Tuesday, I’ll be leading a free workshop on “Using Free Online Tools to Enhance Student Learning & Collaboration” as part of  CTRL’s ever-popular “Teaching & Technology” event series.

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2011
Location: Library Classroom 306

The premise of the workshop is, in essence, that online tools aren’t just for use in online courses anymore. To quote the course description:

This hands-on workshop will introduce key categories of free web-based tools that AU instructors can use to enhance student learning and collaboration in any type of classroom setting.

As an educator and librarian, I’ve experienced first hand the many benefits and risks of introducing web-based technologies to face-to-face learning environments. When things go well, students leave the classroom energized — eager to experiment, collaborate, and engage in new ways with scholarly material. But when things go badly, they go badly indeed. Students get confused. Instructors get frustrated. Technology becomes a barrier, rather than a tool for greater learning.

This workshop is all about how to use technology comfortably and to your advantage; in other words, how to make it supplement, rather than supplant, your current style of teaching and learning at AU. Done wisely and simply, I believe online learning can be a consistent and successful part of anyone’s instructional arsenal.

Tuesday I will try and prove it. Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks.

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