New Database: Foundation Directory Online Professional

This has been a great summer for databases here in the University Library! Our latest addition is particularly exciting for faculty and staff interested in grants and grant-maker research: Foundation Directory Online Professional.

Foundation Directory Online

Foundation Directory Online Professional Link (AU Authentication Required)

With Foundation Directory Online Professional, users have access to information on over 100,000 grantmakers and 2.4 million grants. Users can begin by searching for specific grant-makers or recipients by name, or by utilizing the database’s more general search fields, such as grant-maker/recipient state, county, city, metro area, zip code, type, subject, or support area.

American University search in FDOP

When using Foundation Directory Online, it’s useful to remember that the database is heavily based on previous print versions of the Foundation Directory (also available in the Library ready reference stacks).

For example, you may notice that beneath each general search field, users are given an option to “view index.” This is because the database follows the print tradition of controlled vocabulary. In other words, it has digitized the pre-defined index of grant-maker/recipient names, subjects, and places similar to what one finds at the back of a print book.

This feature can make normal keyword searching in the database slightly frustrating at first — but it also opens up excellent possibilities for highly accurate searching to users who learn to “view index” regularly.

Have questions about Foundation Directory Online Professional? Leave your thoughts and comments below, or contact me by email/twitter.

The print version of the Foundation Directory has been


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