Cool Tools: Newspaper Map

One of the more recent trends I’ve noticed in both start-ups and educational websites is the innovative use of Google Maps APIs.

Google Maps API Family

Google Maps API Family website

Mapping APIs are attractive to both businesses and educators for a variety of reasons — not the least of which is the general capacity of maps to display a wealth of information in a way that is navigable as well as relatively intuitive.

A good example of a tool that takes advantage of this mapping capacity is Newspaper Map — an free web app, designed by Swedish company Great Name, that allows users to search and browse over 10,000 online newspapers around the world.

Newspaper Map

Newspaper Map Page

Colorful, user-friendly, and surprisingly extensive, Newspaper Map has the ability to appeal to casual users and news experts alike.

Users begin by searching for newspapers by name or location, and can browse the map visually using the app’s geographic zoom feature. Librarians and communication scholars will further appreciate the site’s ability to filter results by language — an attribute that is helpfully color-coded on the map for quick and easy cognitive digestion.

What do you think of Newspaper Map’s use of mapping technology and newspaper data? Have you found other Google API-based websites useful to your research or teaching? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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